Invest In Relationships: A Story From In The Trenches

Invest In Relationships: A Story From In The Trenches

As we move into 2024, let’s ensure we continue to focus on the importance of our current RELATIONSHIPS, both work and personal. Quick story for y’all:

In April 2000, I started an Internet software company called FITNESSINSITE. I moved from a cushy private equity position to co-founder of a Phoenix, Arizona-based website/CRM/fitness/nutrition service provider which supported 1,500+ health clubs on the INTERNET. 

I rented a white Pontiac Grand Am; I lived in an AmeriSuites, I ate Caramel Nut Blast Balance Bars for dinner, I didn’t take a salary for 42 months, I took on credit cards to pay $11,000 per month for our AT&T servers at their data center . . . I learned FIRST-HAND what it takes to build a real recurring business. 

FITNESSINSITE did one acquisition in early 2002 which changed my life. We brought on Brian Mitchell’s Internet company at the time to become the largest internet Application Services Provider (“ASP”) in the HALO sector. He is now one of my best friends, his daughter (Riley) & son (Ashton) are my God Daughter & God Son, respectively. Last week, I had the honor of lifting the Torah at Ashton’s Bar Mitzvah.


1 – Invest time, energy and effort in your relationships
2 – Invest in your business partners’ success professionally & personally
3 – Take the time to get to really know your employees and foster their growth

As you may know, Integrity Square has been an investor for many years in Brian Mitchell’s company, PROMOTION VAULT which is now releasing an updated version of their EMPLOYEE REWARDS, RECOGNITION AND ENGAGEMENT SOFTWARE. 

I encourage all businesses to sign up to use this service to show your employees & members that you care, that they matter and that you are rewarding the investments they are making in YOU and YOUR business.

The investments I have made in this 21+ year relationship has been one of the most rewarding for me. Find the ones that matter to you and you’ll see the results.

Happy New Year and GO HALO!