Glossary & Quotes


Acquisition strategy = Current product/service is becoming obsolete and we need to find a company with better growth prospects than ours

Basically on Plan = Revenue shortfall of only 30%

Considerably Ahead of Plan = Company hit budget one of the last three months

Currently Revised Our Budget = Financial plan is a total disaster

Cyclical Industry = Posted a HUGE loss last year

Entrepreneurial CEO = Totally uncontrollable, borderline maniacal and insane

Limited Downside = Current situation can’t get much worse

Major Opportunity = Last chance to salvage the investment

Passive Investor = Calls company once a year to ensure company is still in business

Value-added Investor = Comes to emergency board meetings

Window of Opportunity = If company doesn’t get money by Friday, the company is dead

Upgrading The Management Team = Fired the CEO and entire management team because of poor performance

Niche Strategy = Market opportunity is so small, we are embarrassed to quantify

Disproportionate Distribution to Investor Base = Stealing from Company


  • “Progress waits for no one.” -Early years of automotive industry.”
  • “Mediocrity is merely a failed attempt at being really good.”
  • “If you have Integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have Integrity, nothing else matters.”
  • “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want”
  • “An entrepreneur must first determine his/her personal objectives before determining the objectives of his/her company.”
  • “There is no substitute for execution and thoughtful planning.”
  • “I have never met an entrepreneur who didn’t have hockey stick projections.”
  • “Know what you know and recognize what you don’t know”
  • “Those who take power have power, those who ask for power never get it”
  • “You cannot swim too long upstream like a salmon when the water is streaming against you.”
  • “Create something of significant value and at some point in the future, someone will pay you for it.”
  • “Have fun doing what you do or move on.”
  • “If raising capital was easy, every company would have plenty of it.”
  • You need “CAPITAL” if you are playing a game called “CAPITALism.” 
  • “The Stock Market is the largest casino in the world. If you are in financial services, you are really running a legalized, global casino empire (with some rules.)”