Episode #318: Paula Neubert, President & General Manager, Club Greenwood

Episode #318: Paula Neubert, President & General Manager, Club Greenwood

Paula Neubert


Pete Moore: This is Pete Moore wanted to officially announce the release of Time To Win Again: 52 Takeaways From Team Sports To Ensure Your Business Success. I wrote this book over the last year. I think you’re going to love it. Good to great meets wears Waldo pick ’em up for your team. Time to win in 2022. Happy to come to your club, your studio, your company, and talk about ways we can optimize business and win going forward. Go halo. This is Pete Moore on halo talks NYC on low key Dallas, Texas. I am here with Paula, who is the president of club Greenwood in Colorado by way of Redondo beach. Welcome to the show.

Paula Neubert: Thank you. Glad to be here.

Pete Moore: Yeah. Awesome. So why don’t you talk about how you got into the industry? You know, you’ve seen a lot of growth. You’ve been at the this location for a while and you know, how you’ve seen things change and how excited you are about the future.

Paula Neubert: Well, I’ve, I’ve been in the industry since, oh my goodness. 1992. No, maybe sooner. I have a degree in exercise physiology from the university of Nebraska go great. And, and didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do at that point and ended up moving to California, which was the hub of fitness. Sure. And got involved, you know, group fitness instructor and towel folder, and pretty much everything there was to do. And then I ended up working for a health district in Southern California. You’ve probably heard of it before beach city, south district, and built in design facilities there. Okay. And let somebody else operate them and then moved to Colorado to raise our kids. They were six, three, and one, when we moved and got my job at club Greenwood, after that, and have enjoyed the last 19 years there, it’s been a blessing working a really amazing club. That’s been around for 34 years, big name in the community with an amazing group of people and honored to positively impact people’s lives. And that’s what we do on a day to day basis and are still doing it despite the pandemic, probably doing it even better than we were before. That’s

Pete Moore: Great. So, you know, as you’ve seen Denver and Colorado, you know, grow to the extent it has and a lot of different boutique operators and H V P operators and all different kinds of, you know, fitness programming, how have you kind of digested what the competition is and says, okay, I want to bring this into the club or, you know what, I don’t need to provide that. That’s not something that I’m going to be the authority on. So how do you think about that as you know, the president of an organization where you have a lot of square footage and you can repurpose it and sometimes you say, Hey, maybe I want to, maybe I don’t. How do you think about that?

Paula Neubert: Well, we are already, we’re kind of a niche club anyway, and we don’t market to the masses because we’re a very high end luxury fitness resort. Okay. Really is what we consider ourselves. So we know we’re not going to be the right thing for everybody. We’re a high price, we’re low volume and so forth. So we have a specific group of people that we catered to, and we’ve always done that. And, and that didn’t change. I mean, it didn’t change at all. Through the pandemic, it didn’t change who we reach out to didn’t change who our market was or anything. So we’ve stayed pretty consistent, but we always want to be the trends. Thater we try things before other folks do. And we look at the competition as actually ways to make us better. And we connect with the competition. We invite them in, we ask them to, you know, walk our club with us and we give ’em our pricing. They give us our price.

Pete Moore: What price point are you at?

Paula Neubert: We’re at a 2 0 3 for a single per and so, you know, we’re, we’re definitely in the higher market. Gotcha.

Pete Moore: Yeah. And, and when you say you know, we cater towards a certain group, you know, how much of that is referral driven, data driven, or just understanding like the Mar we’ve been around here long enough that they, people that want to find us find us. Yeah.

Paula Neubert: It’s, it’s kind of a combination of both because we’ve been in the community for 34 years, we have a very good reputation. And so people just know who we are. The other is I can absolutely 100% our clubs, or 100% say that our club was built on referrals. It’s people want to be around like-minded people, people that, you know, like the same things and so forth. So they refer their friends, their for family and so forth. And we also, you know, honor and give them loyalty points for referrals and stuff. So got it. Yeah.

Pete Moore: So what have you seen over the last 12 to 18 months that gets you excited of what’s going on inside the club?

Paula Neubert: Well, we’ve net memberships every month, since February and had three record breaking sale as months in like 30 years. Wow. So we’re seeing growth. We’re seeing growth from populations of people that we haven’t, haven’t been like a, we wonder how come you didn’t find us before. Why did it take this long for you to find us? So it is what,

Pete Moore: What do they say?

Paula Neubert: It, we just, it just kind of took us a while to get there. You right? And it’s a younger population of people. So we we’re, our price point is difficult for that group of people, because there are a lot of options for them. So when they decide that they want to join our club, they are joining our club for a reason, whether it’s networking or so forth, but getting that younger population of people to join and then grow up with us is exactly how, how we built our club years and years ago. So we’re in this cycle of finding this new group of people that’s going to grow up with us, have their kids, and then run them through all of our programs. Then we hire their kids and it’s like this little family. Sure.

Pete Moore: So you, you use a couple of words that are important that no one else does. Mm. Okay. So you use fitness resort. Yes. And you look at a club and you say some people join a club for networking purposes, which nobody talks about that. So, yeah. Is that something that you’ve infused or is that it makes you think differently about what your pro viding, when I say, oh, you’re, you’re a multi-sport operator, but you will you say, well, no, I’m a fitness resort and I provide networking. So how do you think about that? When you say someone, you know, says you know, what kind of programs you put in, or, you know, what are you doing for your members? Like, well, it’s not just what happens that I provide. It’s what they provide each other. Yes.

Paula Neubert: So that fitness resort, we actually started advertising and using fitness resort years ago because of families wanting to go away and do something, but maybe they didn’t have the, the money to do it, or maybe they couldn’t for other reasons. So they actually would come and spend hours and hours at our, our club, the kids would get, do what they wanted to do. The parents get to do what they want to do. Then they meet at the pool and they spend the rest of the day together, or mom and kids are there. And then dad comes later and they have dinner together and, you know, and so forth. So we’ve always wanted to be your neighborhood fitness resort. And cuz fitness is what we do. But the luxury part of it is a resort. You do feel like you’re at a resort. And that was a big thing for us.

Paula Neubert: The definition of a club is somewhere where people belong somewhere, that you get together with a group of people. So we never refer to ourselves as a gym. And one of the taglines that we always had was if, if you want to treadmill, join a gym, if you want to belong, join club Greenwood. Oh, I doubt. And so, because a club is a, is a place where you do feel like you belong. So we never refer to ourselves as a recreation facility or as a gymnasium, we refer to ourselves as a club and that’s what our members call us. I mean, I’m going to the club, there’s the club. That’s where I belong. I’m going to the club.