Episode #316: Petra Robinson, Zumba, Industry Adviser & Trade Show Productions

Episode #316: Petra Robinson, Zumba, Industry Adviser & Trade Show Productions

Petra Robinson


Pete Moore: This is Pete Moore wanted to officially announce the release of Time To Win Again: 52 Takeaways From Team Sports To Ensure Your Business Success. I wrote this book over the last year. I think you’re going to love it. Good to great meets wears Waldo pick ’em up for your team. Time to win in 2022. Happy to come to your club, your studio, your company, and talk about ways we can optimize business and win going forward. Go halo. This is Pete Moore, halo talks NYC on location, lone star state with one of the biggest and best influencers over time in the halo sector, wearing her Zumba necklace and teeing up the final and the most anticipated podcast of ER 2021. Petro Robinson. Welcome to the show and thank you for your patience. Thank you.

Petra Robinson: You’re killing me.

Pete Moore: Good. So why don’t for the few people that don’t know your background, why don’t you kind of talk about your progression in the industry and we’re going to talk about what’s going on currently and how you think things are going to play

Petra Robinson: Out. Okay. Cool. Well, originally, I was just going to tell you that I immigrated from Germany to New York, long island. What town? Wantagh. Okay. But graduated from north Belmore.

Pete Moore: Okay. Yeah. So I went to Westbury. I, I grew up in Westbury and I went to Clark high school. So we used to play WATO, which is black and yellow is the color scheme and

Petra Robinson: Yeah. Yeah. My, my ex actually grew up in Westbury really? Yeah. And went to CW P. Okay. All right. Anyway. Yeah. So fitness industry. So speaking of the X we actually ended up in Iran in 78, 79. Wow. He worked for Northrop and so I had been sort of an exercise nut right. In those days, CALS. Right. Yeah.

Pete Moore: And that’s like stretching and aerobics for people that are, that know what a Rolodex is. You might know what that is. If not, we’ll modify the terminology, keep going. Yeah. So

Petra Robinson: I just, I started teaching classes in the apartment building that we lived in and I was like, huh, I can do this. Wow. Come back to the state, started taking jazzercize with Judy Shepherd, miss it. Sure. And then about six months later that up in Saudi Arabia for almost five years. Wow. And that’s where, again, trial and error. I was not trained in the business. I was actually an art major. And but you know, you’re one of those people where someone says, do you know how to do this? And everybody else takes a step back and you’re left in the front. Okay. That was

Pete Moore: Me. That sense that you also take a step forward though sometimes.

Petra Robinson: Okay. Okay. Not all the time. Not all the time. Anyway. So yeah, over those years in Saudi, I learned how to teach classes. I, you know, we would come back and forth to the states. I’d take classes with Judy J what’s her name? Jackie Sorenson from aerobic dancing. I never took Richard Simmons live class, but you know, did some of the, the videos. Okay. You know, and then just brought that all back and just trial and error, just put it together, came back to the United States and got certified by AF one of the first, one of the first ones. Right. And 86 and that started it. I was picked out of the lineup and asked to work actually for a, and I did, and again, trial and error. They needed somebody to run their convention. Oh, wow. I had no experience. Okay. Step forward. And

Pete Moore: Actually on the job experience totally by Petra.

Petra Robinson: I know. Well, I know what that I should write a book right. Should do called trial and error. Yeah. You want to,

Pete Moore: Yeah. Yeah. You want to learn something, just do it and then you’ll figure it out. Right.

Petra Robinson: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. So did that and just kept getting more and more involved in the industry, educating myself more obviously. And you know, long story short that’s, that’s how I got started. And then just, I was VP of AF for 10 years produced the aerobics and fitness championships. Nice. With AF that was a heck of a lot of fun. Yeah. And that’s where I got to meet a lot of the movers and shakers that are still in business today. Like Philip Mills, for example, from Les mills, he was the administrator for New Zealand for that team. And so, you know, it was a really beautiful time, the, the late eighties and the nineties for fitness.

Pete Moore: That’s great. So tell us what, what your objectives are today, what you do at these shows and you know, where you want to spend most of your time.

Petra Robinson: Yeah. So the shows actually let’s back into it with, with Zumba. We do about a hundred to 120 trade shows a year. Oh, wow. Even for, for this last period during COVID we did over a hundred virtual events. Yeah. And which was wonderful. Cause it kept that community together. Right. Especially our Zumba community.

Pete Moore: And when you say trade shows, you’re, you’re talking about for the ZBA certified Nope market or for

Petra Robinson: External, the Arnold old remedy wellness Fibo okay. And we just did one for Fibo actually we

Pete Moore: Did, we gotta get a list. I didn’t even know that were 120 trader shows around the, the world there. Yeah. There’s there. Yeah. We should post all that. Dave.

Petra Robinson: I can send you a list. Okay. Yeah,

Pete Moore: Yeah. We should do that. I think more people are going to want to go and whether it’s virtual or whether it’s networking or just kind of it back into the flow

Petra Robinson: And, well, I think next year, cuz I we’re just finishing our budgets. Right. And so for next year we’ve got about 102 shows and you know, some are big and some are small. Like one of the biggest that we do is remedy wellness in Italy where they have generally 230,000 people. Wow. Over the

Pete Moore: Four days, is it really more like a consumer it’s both

Petra Robinson: Show and business. Yes. It’s consumer fitness enthusiast. It’s huge. And it’s, it’s like the biggest, giant fitness party that you’d ever go to. Okay. Besides Zumba of course. Right. but yeah, and then some of them are small, you know, they have like maybe three, 400, but they’re all important because you have access to the people. Got it.

Pete Moore: So what have you seen over the last several years that gets you most excited about where the industry’s going, maybe what, what you’re doing, you know, with, with your brand and with your network.