Episode #312: Anthony Wall, American Council on Exercise, Director of International Business Development

Episode #312: Anthony Wall, American Council on Exercise, Director of International Business Development

Anthony Wall


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Pete Moore: This is his talks NYC on location, Dallas, Texas ERSA 2021. A pleasure of having Anthony Wall American council on exercise live in person awareness headset

Anthony Wall: With no mask on today

Pete Moore: With no mask on. And we are socially distanced as far as we can distance microphones. So why don’t you give your career background, personal background, why you’re passionate about the space and why you got into the halo sector as your lifelong initiative

Anthony Wall: Passion. Well, thank you for having and really appreciate it. And you know, you’ll, people will know straight away by my accent that I’m not from RISI from the states. I grew up overseas. Dad worked for the British government. I got exposed to outdoor activity very early on in my life and grew up loving athletics and running and, and doing things in, you know, outdoors. So as I got into college in university, I kind of developed that, that liking for maybe being in a sport and working in the sports industry. And for me at the, it was a sports industry over the years that narrowed down till I got into fitness. And I came over to the us to go to grad school, San Diego state go Aztec, go ask and met my wife there and great

Pete Moore: Campus by the way. Very would’ve.

Anthony Wall: And they’ve done so much now. It’s I wish I could live on campus now.

Pete Moore: They’ll be weird. We did that though, right?

Anthony Wall: Yeah. We’re a little bit too old to live on class. No,

Pete Moore: Just like the environment to be like, all right, get outta here, brother.

Anthony Wall: Get arrested and

Pete Moore: Then moved on where you live. I’ll live in Diego state

Anthony Wall: Dorm six, not San Diego, San state dorms, right.

Pete Moore: Dorms the doms. Right. Keep going. So, so,

Anthony Wall: You know years went back, got my degree, have had the opportunity to work overseas. And then 10 years ago, actually 10 years ago this month got the opportunity to work for American council and exercise. And at the time we were overseas, so we came back here. We were looking to move back. My wife is from, from Reggie, from California. Okay. And so this was an excellent opportunity. I knew of the organization because I had grown up or gone to university in San Diego. So I knew about the organization, knew what they did and some of the things that they’d been involved in. And so the opportunity to really be on the front line in, in helping support and bringing education to the industry was, was one of my passions. And, and so it was for me, it’s a dream job. I get to wake up every day and do what I really like, which is helping people, supporting people and bringing education to the industry. Gotcha.

Pete Moore: So, you know, ACE has obviously been one of the longstanding, you know, education certification companies, you know, as you look at the end industry and how the industry is kind of morphed, there’s obviously a number of different certifications out there. You know, ACE is, is a very trusted mm-hmm <affirmative> brand. So how do you think about, you know, as you go into new markets and educate people, you know, how, how you kind of take the legacy of ACE, but also, you know, this new technology slant and, you know, thinking more innovative for

Anthony Wall: Us, this is really in innovation and is use there, but also an evolution, you know you mentioned that we have integrity and, and people look at us as an organization. That’s been around for a really long time. And it’s, it’s about building on those foundational tenants of our organization. We’ve always wanted to collaborate and like to collaborate with like-minded organizations. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative>, we’ve always felt there’s a, an opportunity to lead by example in what we do. And we want to make sure that the research and the education that we provide is, is evidence based and is sound because we understand in this industry, there are many choices, both in what we see, but also the education that people decide they want to, to take. And our role is to really provide the best we can. And as we evolve into an organization that looks into the future and what we can do there, it’s about looking at those opportunities through social media, which has obviously become a really big part of what we do through other like-minded organizations and, and some of the, the partnerships and opportunities, like some of the things we’re going to be announcing here yeah.

Anthony Wall: At ser. And so our role is about collaborating and moving with the industry, but also being a leader, sometimes stepping out at the front. And also sometimes perhaps we followed in some areas as well and supported our fitness professionals, because at the end of the day, if we do everything right, our fitness professionals, our health coaches are going to do, do have the tools necessary to do what they want. And that, that really impacts everybody. And, and that’s, that’s, that’s the fun stuff. How, how

Pete Moore: Do you think about internally, you know, the empirical education and a platform that someone needs to be successful as, as a personal trainer or, or anywhere inside of our halo ecosystem mm-hmm <affirmative> and then arming them with those certifications and like here’s the revenue opportunity or here’s how you apply this and actually turn it into a career and not turn it into an academic exercise. Sure.

Anthony Wall: That’s a great question. And something that I think many people look for, right. When they come into the industry is, is they have a passion. And sometimes when you have a passion, maybe you don’t plan what else after you get certified. And one of the most common questions that our teams get is, Hey, I just got my certification. I’m super excited. Now, what do I do exactly what we do is we work with lots of different partners. We work with academic partners, colleges, and universities. We work with industry partners to be able to provide more resources, more tools and more education. So that it’s not just a certification it’s about having the education and then getting the experience. Right. And there’s a number of different ways that we would do that. Through our app that we recently launched we’ve, we’ve created a really unique online community is just for a certified fitness professionals and health coaches. That can be part of this app that is this community, this ecosystem where they can ask questions of others who are one month, two month, three months ahead of them in that journey. Yeah. And that’s a really beautiful and rich opportunity for them to learn the things that probably it’s all the stuff that we probably should have asked before we got into the business, but now we have an opportunity to help people with it.