Episode #298: Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Founder, The Cooper Institute

Episode #298: Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Founder, The Cooper Institute

Dr. Kenneth Cooper


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Pete Moore: This is Pete Moore on halo talks NYC on location, Dallas, Texas. I have the absolute pleasure of bringing on a industry legend and one of our guiding forces, Dr. Cooper from the Cooper Institute, he is age 90 and looks not a day older than 55. So welcome to the show.

Dr. Ken Cooper: Thank you. I appreciate sometimes I feel like I’m 90 other days. I feel like I’m younger, but I have been blessed marvelously blessed over the last many years, we started our center in Dallas. I’m 51 years ago, combination of a fitness center and a clinic. It’s one of the few fitness centers in America. If not the world that has combined in medical clinic in a fitness that are on the same campus, 30 acre campus here. And so we’ve been able to provide medical prescribing, supervised exercise programs, results that were, it’s not the best sexual records on the world. We’ve had millions of miles from our tracks manufacturer sized hours, our classes, and yet we’ve only had one fatality in all those years. And yet this was a man who was probably having some heart attack before he even came. We can’t work out, but there’s a concern. The fact that our average age of our members is 48 years. A lot of people are in cardiac rehabilitation programs. Well, thank you so amazing that we’ve been so safe. So that’s been our number one goal is to make exercise safe and effective.

Pete Moore: So when you started in the industry, obviously you are a trailblazer and the growth of the industry is now finally caught up. I’d say with, with your vision, where do you see the ecosystem of fitness healthcare, you know, wellbeing insurance companies. Are you seeing those converge or are you still thinking that we’re kind of all running down somewhat parallel paths?

Dr. Ken Cooper: I’m trying my best, right? My recommendations available to people all over the world, the books 19 are published 42 languages. So to a great extent, we all over the world. I was honored on my 90th birthday, March 4th, over 1300 responses and throughout the world, which me happy birthday from 20 different countries. So we get the message across. But this presentation today to the IHRSA meeting, I tried to make it so important that there’s no drug can replicate the benefits of an active lifestyle. I’ll talk about from peer review research that we published in the literature. There’s such thing as there’s following people for a period of 25 years, when they’re 50 years of age, they came to the clinic, we’ll put them into two categories. Those are the top levels of fitness good X and superior go up with the top 40 percentile beigey by time on the treadmill, age, sex adjusted, compare those, the bottom category, very poor and poor followed for 25 years. The only variable we looked at was their level of fittest. They look at their blood personal flush or other diabetes with a level of fitness, one thing. And we found that those people are in good shape. Twenty-Five years later, between 65 or 75 years of age, they had 36% less Alzheimer’s and dementia. That those the bottom categories, no one’s ever proven before you could actually prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia. One of the favorite statements, and I told this presentation of David’s cheaper warfighter preventers season to find a cure. I’ve read that. Yeah, not only

Pete Moore: I’ve been saying that

Dr. Ken Cooper: For years, and this is true. We spent billions of dollars trying to find a cure for all summer with no success. And now with this public, sorry, if we can show you can prevent it. And so we’re trying to do well. So it fell a 40% reduction in chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis of the 40% reduction in congestive heart failure, nine everything. We documented based on one thing, level of fitness. And so that should be the key to make health clubs successful because the people can be motivated educated. When people come to our clinic, our goal is twofold, and we come from all over the world. We have 150,000 patients in our database at 52%, our corporate sponsor and 74% of return place. That’s got a database of over a million purchasers, a follow-up for which we’ve published over 600 papers, papers proving in peer review journals, proving that exercise is medicine.

Dr. Ken Cooper: So if people can come to our clinic, our goal is to educate them and motivate them as well as provide the most comprehensive examination America. We’re right. Number two in America at the top of examination, we do only behind the Cleveland clinic. We’re number two, and duke is number three. John Hopkins, number four, the medical clinic is number five, but we see more patients than they do any of those do that because that’s all we do. They told me 51 years ago, you can’t limit your process of medicine even to even make ends, meet people. See their physicians only when there were only when they’re sick two, well, you can’t make ends meet. And I had to borrow money. At first, we had very difficult time getting you started. And now we’re fantastically successful because the people realize they have a knee you’ve provided of servers to get the results they want them make you successful.

Dr. Ken Cooper: That’s why it says, I said 74% of patient have returned places. We’re proving now, too, that people can come into us for 20 years or more in the last 45 years, a 45 year follow-up, 100,000 patients have come to clinic at least 20 times for that period of time. And we’re fine. They’re living 10 years long, the national average, our middle. Let me get you to 7.5 years, women, 90.5 years here. I’m 90 years of age. We’re already beyond that point and we can prove they can do that. If they get Cooper eyes, a different things. We recommend everything from body mass index to, to proper nutrition and proper supplementation, proper vitamins, getting an annual examination, a whole series of things we call collectively getting Cooper eyes. We encourage our people if they can’t get involved in all of these things, just to at least one other and the most important one on that list is exercise. You’re better off being fit and fat and skinny and sedentary.

Pete Moore: So let me ask you a question. Do you know you, you’re starting to see a movement inside of these health insurance companies, whether it’s, you know, silver sneakers, whether it’s like active now a lot of these corporate programs are now incentivizing people to go to the gym and clubs and gamifying it. Do you think that there were about to hit kind of a tidal wave of money? That’s going to go towards prevention because you obviously got a lot of groups out there that, you know to a pharmaceutical company, a healthy person is not a prospect for, you know, taking a pill. And they’ve obviously got a lot of money and they spend a lot of money on commercials and they try and convince someone that, Hey, just get on this Lippard tour, which now becomes like a recurring revenue stream for them at 95% gross margin, instead of saying, Hey, you’re not allowed to take the Lipitor until you go eight weeks into a fitness center or you go get Cooper. And then let’s see if you need the Lipitor

Dr. Ken Cooper: At the latest thing about, or the, and drugs just came out there slash wait. There are people that are pre-diabetic and they’d tell him I was fat drugs. It accelerates the problem with diabetes and we solve it or not. We’ve known for years that women are on statin. Drugs tend to have more of a problem develop diabetes, Amanda, but now it’s the same. So these, these drugs just RNs as safe as we thought they might be. And so that’s the last resort for my patients, because we know with our getting coop, Raj, majority of people are overweight activity improves their lipid profile. We know, as I said in the presentation this morning, we had that dramatic reduction, 40% reduction in coronary heart disease as well, hard to say too, in 1980 to 1990 is because the baby boomers, they accepted the concept of taking care of themselves and they quit smoking great numbers and got the blood pressure better controlled.

Dr. Ken Cooper: They changed their diets. They control stress, all the things we caught up in Cooper eyes, they did that on their own. And I hope that the books that I wrote starting in 1968, led that mimosa. I think they did, as I pointed out the presentation this morning, back in 19 statement. First book was published. We had less than a hundred thousand joggers are the critics of the program said that this is not what it was, fitness fads won’t last, but it was based upon four years of research in the air force. I had 27,000 people involved in a program for four years in a five air force bases. So I personally went around and brown the 12 minute test with these groups and try to assess. And from that came the rubbish book and the rubbish point system getting poised for an interest type activities.