Episode #291: Daniel Zimmon, Founder, NatScent

Episode #291: Daniel Zimmon, Founder, NatScent

Daniel Zimmon


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Pete Moore: This is Pete Moore on HALO Talks, NYC. I have the pleasure of having fellow long Islander serial entrepreneur. He’s going to teach us about the value of sense and sense Daniel. Welcome to the show.

Daniel Zimmon: Hey Pete, thank you so much for having me.

Pete Moore: So you you’ve known my partner, David Ganulin for a long time. I’ve been in a lot of boutique fitness concepts. I’ve been in a lot of our retail stores. I do have a good sense of smell. But why don’t you kind of educate us on how the brain works the importance of it and why this is part of your current business mission.

Daniel Zimmon: Ah, thanks Pete. Well, you know my company NatScent and helps companies use the sense of smell and create branded smells for client experience and an emotional connection. And it’s something luxury brands have always done and always paid attention to. Lucky you wouldn’t feel it. You wouldn’t feel good unless you’re in a good smelling place. And when I started this business a couple of years ago, the idea that we were bringing was, Hey, why should only luxury brands get the value and the connection and the people that use them have the sense of smell. So that’s been our value proposition and look sense of smell has always been pivotal in the halo market. Two of the most famous brands that really paid attention to sense of smell and used it to reinforce their brand and create a great experience, our Equinox and soul cycle. I mean, without that grapefruit smell, it’s all cycle. As soon as you smell that, you feel like, Hey, I’m part of this, I’m connected to it. And that’s really how the sense of smell works. It it’s a direct connection to your emotional brain and that’s what we help brands and companies do use that connection.

Pete Moore: So know I start up a new concept or got a current boutique concept. Talk me through you know, how that evaluation is done. These send someone, you know, here’s a dozen different, you know, flavors and, you know, tell us what you think resonates or is it, you know, even deeper to go into, you know, what the DNA of your brand is. And then you kind of help kind of coach to them or steer them towards a certain smell. And then what we, or what a certain smells, you know, M and a, if you will.

Daniel Zimmon: Well, that is exactly what we do. But there’s two ways to do it. And, and the funky thing about sense of smell is your experience of smell is really linked to memory and, and, and what you’ve experienced with it. So sometimes people have really positive experiences of a smell, even though it’s a nasty smell, the best example is gasoline, right? No, gasoline is a fiercely bad smell. I mean, it’s pretty toxic, but a lot of people, I mean, even, even, maybe even say 50% have a real positive association with that smell,

Pete Moore: For some reason, I kind like to smell gasoline. I’m not sure what he never really tried to find out.

Daniel Zimmon: Yeah. Do you like cars or something? Do you like, are you interested in cars? Do you like them? No,

Pete Moore: I think I just, you know, like when I’m pulling up there for some reason, it’s, it’s something that I don’t, I don’t shrug against them. I get some, I was like, yes, I’ll be at my guests Garfield up. You know, I know it’s a successful venture.

Daniel Zimmon: There you go. Like for like, for me, right when I was a kid, when, when the car needed to get filled up, my dad would take me along. So like my experience with that sense of smell, it triggers those feelings of being with my dad and doing something cool of like Saturday morning, really, really powerful. So that’s how scent works. And that’s why it’s, so that’s one of the reasons, I guess, one of the biggest reasons it’s so valuable and so meaningful, so even bad smells can have really positive experiences. So you have a. You can take, we have a portfolio of proven fence that have been designed and used and been really successful. And we do a lot of custom for our clients because, you know, because we’re a conscious company creating your own custom smell really isn’t that expensive. But either way, whatever your smell is when you get intentional and consistent about your smell, even, even if it’s fabulous, if they use fabulous to clean your space, unfortunately, there are a lot of other associations with fabulous that come along, it will become your brand.

Daniel Zimmon: It will trigger the memory of what it’s like to be in your business and being your presence. So when you have a great experience soul cycle, Hey you know, it’s not, it doesn’t exactly fit 57 year old may, but I got to tell you, I enjoy doing soul cycle when I did it. I liked the community of it. The community was really powerful and strong to this day. When I smell that particular grapefruit smell, I’m like, I feel like I’m there. So that’s kind of how it works. We can make it easy to pick it out of our portfolio is really simple and tweaking it later works, but it’s all about getting intentional about smell and being consistent. And it’s effective even at extremely low levels. When it’s consistent, you feel like you felt when you met those people like that community.

Pete Moore: What, when you talk about the deployment of this, is it, you know, part of the spray bottles that they’re using for cleaning? Is it a an incense burn? Is it a candle? You know, what, what are the different ways to do it? And what are the, they’ll give us an idea on what it, what it costs to develop, what it costs to maintain. And it sounds to me like everyone should have a distinct smell. It’s not like you’re you know, so forth and you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring out. It seems like you’re an expert and you know, you can get somebody going relatively quickly.