Episode #286: Alex Bayer, Founder & CEO, Genius Juice

Episode #286: Alex Bayer, Founder & CEO, Genius Juice

Alex Bayer


Pete Moore: This is Pete Moore on HALO Talks NYC on location, south bay, California entrepreneur been on shark tank about to take on the pro shop industry, get cleaner products into our brethren here, Alex Bayer. Welcome to halo talks.

Alex Bayer: Thank you here. Yeah. Thanks for having me on the show, man. Glad we made this happen.

Pete Moore: Yeah. Awesome. So you’re coming from genius juice. Why don’t you give us a little bit of background? I’ve obviously done my research, but talk about how you kind of stumbled upon this product and then decided, Hey, I’m going to dedicate my life to the halo sector or if you will.

Alex Bayer: Yeah. Yeah. I mean a long story. I’ll try to do a, this long story in a short fashion. Essentially I was, I was insurance agent for seven years. Every single morning I would blend smoothies. I was a vegan like half of California about 15 years ago. And I think it’s pretty well stereotype that if you’re from California, either you drive an electric car, you’re a vegan or I do yoga. So those are the three big ones right there. So I, I love making smoothies in the morning fell in love with the fact that I could get something on the go that gives me great sustainable energy and a really clean format. And so I would literally be knocking on doors, you know, all day. And when I was working with Aflac business in 80 each door was about a mile apart.

Alex Bayer: Cause I would go to I wasn’t homes. I would go to industrial parks and business plazas, big buildings, big warehouses, you in Carson, California, and different areas that are not far from you. And yeah, so from there I’m like, okay, I’m done with insurance and there’s only so many times I can sell an accident. You know, our hospital plan. So I need to do something else. And I stumbled upon an idea from a friend of mine. They invited me over to their home. It was actually someone I met for my work husband and wife, and they cooked me a vegan or vegetarian dinner. And then for dessert, they’re like, Hey, have you ever had a coconut smoothie? I’m like, what, what the hell is that? And it’s basically the whole coconut cracked open. You take the water and the meat blend it together, really creamy. And I remember looking at it for the first time. It was like vibrant, creamy filling full just two ingredients, just the whole coconut blended. And I’m like, this is genius. This is a genius concept that I really need to come up with and bring it to the market. So that’s how genius was born.

Pete Moore: Got it. So w what’s the coconut supply right now? Because you’ve got all these coconut milks and you’ve got some other types of products that are, I don’t know, they’re trying to turn everything into milk these days, whether it’s a fruit or vegetable. So how you, where, where do you get your coconuts from? How’s that? Did you become like an expert on supply chain and logistics as part of this entrepreneurial venture?

Alex Bayer: Yeah, so we get the coconuts from Thailand. We looked at coconuts from all over the world, you know, Mexican coconuts. I remember getting samples, you know, from a Brazilian Mexican coconuts, Sri lock-in coconuts, which is the king coconut, the gold coconuts. And I just remember that the Thai coconut was just by far the best tasting coconut. And right around that time, when we launched in 2014, another brand called harmless harvest, which is still around and doing well today, I just remember drinking their coconut water and being like, they have a great coconut water. I mean, I like to give props, you know, no matter if they’re in the same space as us, they’re a competitor. I don’t like to bash competition, especially when they have a great product. So I’m like harmless has a great product. Just the Thai coconut water. I think I’m, I’ve fallen in love with a Thai coconut. So the non-POM coconut Navajo means sweet fragrance or sweet sweeter Roma in the Thai, in the Thai language lives up, it lives up to its name. So that’s, that’s our supply chain and we bring in several containers a month. Now we probably produced over 20,000 coconuts a day when we’re in production. Well, so it’s a big operation we’ve grown considerably and scaled, and we really pride ourselves on the simplicity, the tastes and the benefits of using coconut water and coconut meat and every single bottle that we, that we produce.

Pete Moore: Yeah. Great. So what, at what point, I think you were on shark tank probably a year and a half ago, two years ago. Does that sound about right?

Alex Bayer: Yup. Yeah. We aired January 19, 20, 20,