Integrity Square focuses on working with companies with a minimum of $3 million in EBITDA, limiting the opportunities to work with early stage entrepreneurs.

As we have been embedded in the HALO space for over 10 years, we do see many early deals and are approached often by entrepreneurs seeking growth capital, advice, guidance, and more. We want to help and be a resource, as well as continue to deliver on the work that we do for our clients. To that end, we have created a cost effective list of services tailored to early stage Founders and companies in the HALO sector.

Click the circle below to purchase. (Or contact David Ganulin with questions.)
  • One time purchase of listing on Companies To Watch section.

  • One time purchase of Early Stage Investors list that ISQ has personal relationships with and who have agreed to look at early stage deals.

  • Early Stage List & listing on Companies To Watch section.

  • Early Stage list, listing on Companies To Watch section & commercials on four HALO Talks.

Others to be determined on a case by case basis.