Chris Pronger, Founder & President, Well Inspired Travels

Chris Pronger, Founder & President, Well Inspired Travels


Pete Moore: This is Pete Moore on HALO Talks NYC. I have the pleasure of having **garbled** by way of Ontario, Chris Pronger

Chris Pronger: Thanks Pete. Thanks for having me.

Pete Moore: I figure we should probably kick off this podcast with, with a little bit of Oh Canada. Cause I miss going to my hockey games and my fiance was shocked when I went to a Kings game pre pandemic and I just stood up and sang the whole low Canada song, you know sang my heart out before the game.

Chris Pronger: Love it. See passion brings it.

Chris Pronger: Oh man. [inaudible]

Pete Moore: All right. That’s good. That’s good. Let’s kick it off. All right. Welcome to the halo sector, my friend. So once you give us a little bit of a background, obviously people know about you from your professional career in one of the top defenseman. So I want to use this time to get to know what you’re up to in the, in the business world post-career and also maybe help some of the other athletes and entrepreneurs kind of think through you know, getting to the next level with their own ventures.

Chris Pronger: Yeah, absolutely. So when I I was injured in, in Philly in 2011, 12 spent a couple of years really trying to get myself healthy you know, bad eye injury, bad concussion. And you know, did a lot of therapy used use travel as a method of healing and, and really kind of just really looked inward to try to refocus my energy and my ability to get healthy and use all means necessary to do so. And then once, once I felt comfortable kind of get back out into the world and getting amongst the real people in the world. I I started working with the NHL in the department of player safety did that for three years. And then most recently was a senior advisor to the GM and president of hockey operations with the Florida Panthers they’ll town.

Chris Pronger: And, and all the while while I was in Florida, my wife had started a travel business while inspired travels, which has been a passion project from her on her end for really, since she was six years old. And so as you know, the Genesis of that was she she was six years old and her dad was diagnosed with stage four. Colon cancer was given a 10% chance to live. And with that, he looked at his wife and the kids and said, I want to see the world with the family for as long as I’m on earth. And, and that first summer, when they got out of school, they went over to Europe and traveled all around Europe and she got to see him of life and passion and joy and happiness. And, and from a little six years, six year old’s eyes really got to see the healing powers of travel and what it could do for you.

Chris Pronger: And you know, they went back home. He was getting pounded with chemo and radiation and, and, and was a shell of himself really, and all the while planning that next trip over to Asia. And, and she’s a firm believer that he chose Asia because he wanted to marry Eastern medicine and Western medicine and, and learn more about holistic healing methods learn more about acupuncture and transcendental meditation and the hallmarks of, of Eastern medicine and kind of marry the two. And he, you know, they went over to Asia, they, the kids and my mother-in-law would go over and, you know, they were doing all the touristy things, checking out the great wall of China and all the different sites. And he was immersing himself with a medicine man off in the jungle for two or three weeks at a time, learning about all this stuff.

Chris Pronger: And they got home all the while using that as a, as an outlet in a way to really you know, prolong his life. And, and hopefully in, in his eyes wait for Western medicine to catch up and allow an opportunity for, for hopefully a radical surgery, which did come along and, and save this life really two years later was given a clean bill of health cancer-free and never had another issue with cancer again in his life. So from a very young age, he got to see the healing powers of travel and the mind body spirit, and what it can do for you. And that really left an indelible Mark on her. And, and so they continue to travel when we got together, we started to travel and then when I was hurting Philly at the same time really, you know, it was really starting to form on her head and really starting to, to kind of take shape.

Chris Pronger: Social media had taken off and she had a little private account, and we had a lot of friends teammates, other athletes you know, business owners, wives, girlfriends, et cetera. And, you know, they were following her and she was posting her trout, our travels on, on the account. And she was getting hit up 20, 30 times, like, Hey, you know, there’s that trust factor? There’s that understanding that we know what they’re going through. We know what they’re dealing with. And, you know, she started setting them up, helping them out, doing all this stuff. And, you know, the light bulb moment of, Hey, there’s something to this. But at the same time, we had three young kids at home. I got hurt. Her mother had breast cancer. Dad had a debilitating stroke. So from a timing perspective, it just wasn’t right. And then you know, a little over three years ago, our oldest got his license started driving.