Vicki Reece-Founder & Dush Ramachandran-COO, Joy of Mom

Vicki Reece-Founder & Dush Ramachandran-COO, Joy of Mom


Pete Moore: This is Pete Moore on HALO Talks NYC. I have the pleasure straight from Chicago, joy of mom, Vicky and, and we are ready to roll Vicky. Welcome to the podcast.

Vicki Reece: Thanks for having me ion. We are. We love here at halo podcast and are excited to be here and have a release, awesome conversation.

Pete Moore: Great. So 4.9 million moms and going on Facebook directly through your site, give us the backstory on how this all started and how you turn this into a passion project to a profession.

Vicki Reece: Okay. This is going to be a bit challenging because I’m going to take one minute and just give Y this now. Okay. I, you, bottom line, I’ve been a mom on a mission. Since I, since I was a mom and I wasn’t media worked at WGN radio, lots of sports, love to read children’s books, validating feelings had an agency cause one of my clients, Fannie Mae Candy’s Fanny Fanny farmer asked me to handle their stuff and did that for about eight ish years, had two miscarriages. Then I couldn’t get pregnant. Then I had my first of my three children, height of negative messages, bullying, lots of inappropriate things, bombarding kids and entertainment. And I’m just not one to sit on the sidelines. So 10, 11 at night, till two, three in the morning felt built and not a coder, but did everything in building my first software, music and video wanted to test them in the distribution channels, mass specialty retail, computer bundle, direct response catalog, and had no resources know how, but never, as we know, never underestimate the power of having some naivete and also blind faith and grit and, you know, just perseverance in getting things done.

Vicki Reece: So built these, tested them, Walmart discovery, toys, zany brainy, gateway computers. I’m sure I’m missing a couple of the main ones. Number one, everywhere. They went sold about over 500,000 units where to have mom. I like to say, but moms wanted to join my club. I didn’t have one. They wanted to do you would in today’s world call affiliate marketing. Wasn’t equipped to do that. They wanted to know if I could distribute their products because beside creating, producing, distributing, you know, it was just from, from conception through onto a mom’s front door, if you will. So I thought I’m going to find a platform looked high and low, and I’m, you know, like most parents, you really reach research could not find one that felt or was authentic, pure built on transparency and frankly earned or deserved moms time, attention and trust.

Vicki Reece: So I do what I do. I ended up building one, I flipped over a laundry basket in one night in my room. I’m not an artist. I, you know, 10,000 pieces of later that I made in pages, which stuns everybody. Cause they think I’m like a master’s in art degree. I don’t make con now, but I just messages poured through me, flowed through me. There was something so much higher going on and this didn’t just strike a chord with moms, but struck a nerve. So one by one being there day in and day out from celebrations to the unthinkable.

Pete Moore: When did you realize that you really had that, that it, that this was a business and not just, Hmm.

Vicki Reece: I love that you say that. I think, well not. I think I went from 52 to 53 friends was two 30 in the morning and I was about to hop in a hot bath and I was doing the happy dance and I was like, I need to live here and be something much bigger is going on. Now. Keep in mind the position I’m in. I get asked, as you can imagine, you know, 20, 30 times a day, every single day to say, love the shampoo, love this. I don’t do that. This is about how it’s all about empowering moms. It’s about moms first. It’s about supporting champing them. So I come at it from such a different place. And I knew when they were asking you know, there’s there’s chat programs, which I, in that program, there’s chat groups about what skincare I use.

Vicki Reece: No one even knows what skin it’s like. And I do nothing except work. And, you know, coming from passion in a different place. So I knew early on, but, and I had opportunity among opportunity. There was a, I don’t even know if I should chat about this, but I’ll leave names out. There was a big shopping app. It was a seven figure purchase order. My first out of the gate, totally tone deaf. And we gave the richest feedback for two months and it was all bud helping improve it. They didn’t care. And our moms didn’t like it. They said, we love you. That’s why we’re, we’re helping build this. We stopped it after two months. So this is about it’s, it’s just as much as I’m a mama bear for them. And then for me, we are for each other. So my thing was, which I think is important for any entrepreneur. It would have been very easy for me to monetize, but not in the way that I knew moms needed and moms deserved. I needed to find the right team. I’m sure you’ve talked about this on plenty of your podcasts. For me. It wasn’t easy to do for me to build a community of over 5 million people. It was just natural and organic and beautiful, but to find a team of integrity of experience that was, you know, and it’s funny fitting that I’m wearing this shirt today.