About Us

Trusted Advisors and Partners

Founded in early 2010, the professionals of Integrity Square recognized a need for a new kind of firm. Our mission is to connect and empower fast growing companies, exceptional entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, and capital providers, who all share a common set of values to achieve sustainable growth. We focus on thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs and placing them first. We provide straightforward advice and deliver on our commitments, allowing us to be The Force Behind Your Growth™.  Additionally, through our Executive Recruiting platform, we are able to identify appropriate C-suite individuals to support HALO companies’ initiatives.


Deep Market Intelligence

The professionals at Integrity Square have spent decades as experts in the HALO sector. We pool together experiences as investment bankers, executives, and management consultants.

We know the business characteristics, market trends, and the participants thoroughly, enabling us to operate efficiently and quickly on behalf of our clients. We deliver creative solutions and unique access, and have worked on a variety of M&A advisory, private placement, capital raising and strategic consulting engagements.

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  • 1 Your Objectives

    What are you trying to achieve?

  • 2 Integrity Square Diligence

    Do we think we can help you get there?

  • 3 Financial Model & Plan

    Architect the plan and back it up

  • 4 Go To Market

    Meet the right potential capital partners.

  • 5 Finalize The Deal

    Ensure you are protected & positioned for success.